Digital Marketing Managed Service Agreement


InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services Agreement provided by Domain Tech Academy at Mercer. (Hereafter referred to as “InternIT”) includes the following services: website design & levels of maintenance, SEO/SEM management, Social Media management, Email Newsletters, Logo/Branding, monthly analytics, and various other services. For services that are not included in this agreement can be provided either on a flat fee basis in which the client should request an estimate and will be quoted a fixed fee (non-hourly) price for a strictly defined scope of work or would fall under the regular InternIT Marketing Hourly Labor agreement. InternIT will be the sole judge of what services are or are not covered under InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services Agreement. InternIT reserves the right to change the features, benefits or structure of the InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services Agreement at any time or for any reason.

Service will be rendered during business hours of 8:30 to 5:30 Monday-Friday. All disputes over hour usage or billing on an invoice must be made in writing via certified mail to InternIT within 30 days of the statement date.

Clients will receive monthly invoices for the monthly fee amount stated above. The Client gives InternIT the authority to automatically charge their credit card for their monthly agreement invoice. Invoices are sent via EMAIL ONLY to the billing email address listed above. InternIT reserves the right to deny or accept InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Service clients for any reason, or no reason at all. InternIT reserves the right to terminate a client’s InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services Agreement at any time or for any reason.

Client is responsible for the payment of any state or local, sales or use, or similar fees or taxes arising as a result of the sale of tangible personal property, the provision of services, or both by InternIT Inc. to the Client under this Agreement. InternIT may invoice Clients for such fees or taxes and Client shall promptly remit such fees or taxes to InternIT, as the collection agent, upon invoice. The failure of InternIT to invoice Client for such fees or taxes and Client shall not relieve Client from the responsibility for the payment of such fees and taxes. Client agrees to provide to InternIT proof of Client’s payment of any such fees or taxes upon request.

InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services is to be utilized for enhancements of your digital marketing efforts. InternIT will not be liable for any client loss of money, business, data, time, hardware or software related to services provided under this agreement. Furthermore, the InternIT Digital Marketing Managed Services Agreement should, at no time, be construed as a warranty against software failure, improper software installation, and programming or hardware problems. While InternIT guarantees that its digital marketing consultants will extend their best efforts to address any issues that can be appropriately remedied by the services cited above, there is no express or implied performance guarantee. The client is aware that in certain situations, outside resources, manufacturer assistance, or additional hardware and software may be required to resolve issues; client will be liable for any and all charges incurred. InternIT reserves the right to refuse to provide assistance that is beyond the scope of the services cited above and client agrees not to hold InternIT liable for any costs or expenditures arising from such refusal.

Client will not attempt to directly or indirectly employ or attempt to obtain the withdrawal from the employment by InternIT of any InternIT staff. Violation of this request will result in damages due to InternIT from Client equal to the total compensation paid to the subject staff member for the previous calendar year. These damages are separate from any damages due to InternIT from InternIT staff in relation to violation of any employment agreement that may have also been violated. Client understands that support under this agreement is paid for on a recurring monthly basis. What is paid for is InternIT’ consultants’ time, not the results That being said, the Client has InternIT’s promise that all representatives of InternIT will do their best to honor and respect the Clients’ trust to make the best choices in resolving issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Clients may increase the level of Managed Service agreement in any given month with the expressed understanding that the updated amount will be applied to their monthly fee for remainder of Managed Service term of agreement until another increase is made, if requested by Client. Managed Service agreements cannot be reverted back lesser monthly amounts for any reason during the term.

Termination of the agreement prior to term completion requires payment in advance of monthly fee for all remaining months of term. At the end of the agreed upon term, the agreement will automatically turn into a month-to-month agreement until cancelled. Upon cancellation or termination all support services will cease and InternIT will restore the client to higher standard hourly rates and billing terms for any future support service.

The foregoing constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may be amended or modified only by InternIT.

Client agrees to a term commitment described above and a one-time onboarding fee is waived.


Client agrees to a one-time onboarding fee described above and has elected to not enter into a term commitment.